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Morocco's CFG Bank Taps Kony to Help it Differentiate in a Rapidly Evolving Marketplace

Seeking to Stand Out

When Morocco's CFG Bank obtained its commercial license in 2012, freeing it to evolve from an investment bank into a retail commercial bank, it had already begun to embrace the digital tools that today's Moroccan consumers crave. Stepping into the retail commercial world didn't just accelerate CFG Bank's digital transformation; it spurred the bank to push the envelope.

“In order to succeed, we had to be unique,” said Driss Benchafai, general manager and one of the bank’s three co-CEOs. “We couldn’t do or offer the same thing, otherwise we weren’t going to have any clients.”

As it embarked on its commercial journey, CFG’s leaders knew that many Moroccan consumers, particularly affluent young adults, wanted more of the self-service capabilities that have come to characterize modern banking.

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"In order to succeed, we had to be unique"

Driss Benchafai General Manager
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"When we talk about innovation and powerful tools - We had to look for a partner capable of bringing innovation and high-quality service.”

Zouhair Boulmane CIO
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“We built a partnership with Kony that allows us to continue with our digital evolution and to accelerate it by placing mobile at the core of our digital strategy.”

Moulhim Aouad Executive Director, Retail Banking
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"We are intensifying our collaboration and I am sure our partnership will last for many years."

Zouhair Boulmane CIO
CFG Retail Banking app screen

The Solution

  • Digital-first approach to full banking services for the consumer market
  • CFG Bank is running their digital channels on mobile iOS and Android for their end customers as well as a tablet version inside their flagship branches

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