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Forbes’ recent survey polled 25,000 people and asked a series of 20 questions about their banking relationships. Forbes recently published those findings to show exactly which organizations consumers see as the shining stars in their state.

These rankings are a vital metric of customer sentiment that is more valuable today than ever —because it leads to every other measurable outcome: Deposits. Loans. New members and customers. Cross-selling opportunities. Loyalty.

Leaders of the highest performing financial institutions know there’s a story being told behind the numbers that point to success. They know what matters to end users, and it’s about providing an easy-to-navigate, efficient, and highly personalized experience, reliably delivered across all channels—digital or human.

Kony recently conducted extensive research into whether customers are satisfied with their digital experience within four business sectors: banking, retail, utilities, and healthcare. Banking is faring better than the other three industries – yet, in every industry, consumers want richer and more intuitive digital experiences. There is a direct correlation, we found, between these industries’ quality of digital offerings and profitability.

So, as we look at what Forbes’ compiled after scrutinizing the full array of customer experiences—digital and otherwise—the question from non-performing institutions becomes, “what’s their secret sauce?” In my view, as I’m looking at this list, I see customer-focused, agile, tech savvy financial institutions that put customer needs ahead of their own.

I also notice that there is a good representation of regional and mid-sized banks and credit unions on the list, despite competition from giant multinational banks backed by billions of dollars. We give special kudos to these front runners.

The banking sector is a challenging market for every player, and Kony DBX salutes all of the financial institutions recognized by Forbes and selected by the most important judges—the consumers. We’re honored to see many Kony DBX customers on the list, including Midfirst Bank, ORNL Federal Credit Union, Arvest Bank, California Coast Credit Union, and many others. The Kony DBX customers who made the list is below.

Kony DBX credit union customers on Forbes’ “America’s Best Credit Unions in Each State” List:

  • California Coast Credit Union
  • Logix Federal Credit Union
  • ORNL Federal Credit Union
  • Partners Federal Credit Union
  • PSECU (Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union)
  • Mission Federal Credit Union
  • Orange County’s Credit Union
  • TDECU (Texas Dow Employees Credit Union)

Kony DBX bank customers on Forbes’ “America’s Best-in-State Banks” List:

  • Arvest Bank
  • Midfirst Bank
  • WSFS Bank
  • Umpqua Bank
  • Hills Bank

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