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Q: What’s special about the way you work with clients? What unique strength sets you apart and adds to the Kony DBX brand?

A: Clients like to work with me because I am relatable and can think outside of the box. I have experience in many different industries and cultures and like to tackle issues or requests from different perspectives. This unique flexibility tends to set me apart and allows me to work well with any team.

Dan’s favorite quote:
“Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.”

—Mark Twain

Q: Talk about a highlight in your career or a project that was particularly successful. How do you bring that to bear on Kony DBX customers?

A: I was once handed a digital integration project with a strategic 3rd party partner that many project managers were deeming a “sinking ship” (a fact I would not learn until months later). However, I knew that this project was important to one of my customers, and if done successfully, would be a huge benefit to others down the road. I immediately saw gaps in the current strategy due to miscommunications, cultural confusions, and general lack of understanding for what we were trying to solve for. I developed a plan, built internal and external relationships to ensure buy-in of the plan, and executed on the plan while navigating many known and unknown roadblocks. Only with the collaborative efforts of my team, the partner’s team, and my client’s team were we able to see the project become a success.

I believe that this mentality of searching for “the why” behind every project is exactly what Kony DBX’s customers and prospects will be looking for in ongoing partnerships.

Q: What’s your advice to someone looking for a partner in their digital banking transformation? What core attributes should they seek — and what potholes should they avoid?

A: Every financial institution should be looking for a partner that can be both a guide as well as a listener of their digital banking transformation. This partner should be an expert in what makes meaningful digital experiences but also humble enough to recognize trends by listening to their customers and partners before they become table stakes.

Q: What makes Kony DBX different from Brand X?

A: The platform architecture is unique in that it allows a small financial institution the ability to offer similar or better services than the money center banks, while at the same time is flexible enough to allow a financial institution with a development team of 1 or 100 to really differentiate itself in any direction they want. Kony’s cross-industry and cross-border experience will also keep it ahead of the curve with more areas of expertise to pull from.

Q: Where do you see digital banking taking us in the next five years? What should people be preparing for now that is yet to come?

A: Digital banking is transforming as users grow to have higher expectations from Tech companies in other spaces. More and more, consumers will be looking for a financial institution that can also make transactions easier, faster, and cheaper… but that they can also trust to guide them in the big financial decisions in their lives. In five years, we should be able send money and automate basic functionality through any channel (OLB, Mobile, Chat, Virtual Assistant, Bot, etc), while at the same time have someone that we can talk to (or even reaches out to us) when we want to take the next step towards a better financial future. People should be preparing for a future where they no longer need to carry a wallet, or stuff cash under their mattress.

The Kony DBXpert Profile Series introduces you to our team and provides insight into how we think and work. See Dan’s complete work history on LinkedIn by clicking here.

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