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Q: What’s special about the way you work with clients? What unique strength sets you apart and adds to the Kony DBX brand?

A: Building trust through credibility and empathy. As a Digital Client Partner, I need to be highly observant and listen carefully to client needs and what will help their organizations be successful with Kony. Listening with empathy and communicating to them proactively to address issues early on, helps me start building credibility and trust with key stakeholders. I strongly feel that delivering difficult news at the initial stages of a relationship helps with conversations toward the end of a project, where having a track record of addressing issues proactively helps the process of making difficult decisions.

Juan’s favorite quote:
“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.”

—John Ruskin

Q: Talk about a highlight in your career or a project that was particularly successful. How do you bring that to bear on Kony DBX customers?

A: I have been fortunate to be involved in projects where customers understood the value of staying close to a base product in order to increase speed to market. Being able to drive them to success requires a mindset that incorporates agile principles and focusing on features that drive value in minimum viable products that can be enhanced in fast follow releases. I believe that sharing the way those customers made their decision with prospective customers helps in the journey of implementing the Kony product offerings.

Q: Describe your career in a few short sentences.

A: I have been taking care of customers, both internal and external, for over 20 years across many cultures. I have enjoyed helping build bridges between people with different perspectives who might not readily realize how much they have in common or how they can complement each other. Finally, I have thoroughly enjoyed discovering useful applications of information technology solutions to important business issues throughout my career.

Q: What’s your advice to someone looking for a partner in their digital banking transformation? What core attributes should they seek - and what potholes should they avoid?

A: Digital transformations of any kind are journeys that begin by transforming your organizational mindset into one that can handle continuous, functional innovation. With the right organizational mindset, it is easier to adopt agile methodologies which enable the development of minimum viable product launches which are followed by incremental releases in prompt succession, rather than sizable enhancements less frequently. The same applies to banking where breaking the waterfall dependencies of monolithic core systems by building robust micro-service infrastructures can enable the development of multi-channel applications that can quickly adapt to the changing needs of banking customers.

Q: How do you work as an individual and also as a member of a team? How does collaboration occur on a practical basis at Kony?

A: I have thoroughly enjoyed working with people who readily embrace opportunities of using new and collaborative technologies at work. Slack is one very good example of how people easily and willingly share their experiences for the good of their colleagues. In addition, I have been able to set up Slack, JIRA and other tools to collaborate not only with team members from Kony but also team members from the clients we work with. Having common platforms to collaborate internally and externally helps tremendously in getting things done more efficiently.

The Kony DBXpert Profile Series introduces you to our team and provides insight into how we think and work. See Juan’s complete work history on LinkedIn by clicking here.

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