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Q: What’s special about the way you work with clients? What unique strength sets you apart and adds to the Kony DBX brand?

A: Painful honesty. There is absolutely no need for me to ever give a half-truth answer when I get to work with so many brilliant people. If I don’t know the answer to a question, I can own it and find someone that does. I also approach new customers with the same honest mindset to make sure they are only hearing facts. I don’t want someone believing Kony does more than we do, because we already do a lot and we’re the best at what we do.

Sloanes’s favorite quote:
“Buy the ticket, take the ride.”

—Hunter S. Thompson

Q: Describe your career in a few short sentences.

A: My career has always been customer centric. My first job was working at my grandparent’s furniture store in a small town outside of Fort Worth, Texas. In a small town, you get to really know people and you want to do right by them because they are your friend and neighbor. As I’ve grown throughout my career I began focusing more on technology and fintech specifically because it has always been an interesting subject to me. I might not be in a small town anymore but even in this very modern arena, simple southern hospitality still goes a long way.

Q: Why does the market today need Kony DBX?

A: The market is cluttered with antiquated technology and minimum viable products that do nothing but upset the end user. For most people today the option is to bank with one of the Goliath banks that you will never truly have a personal connection with. The other option is they can go to their local community bank or credit union and have a great personal relationship but everything they need done digitally may fall flat. Kony DBX provides a leading digital banking experience straight out of the box and is designed to allow endless scalable personalization. Financial institutions no longer need an army of developers and UX experts or spend a Brinks truck worth of cash on their digital strategy.

Q: What makes Kony DBX different from Brand X?

A: Most of our competitors in this space have a subpar experience when it comes to banking because they only live inside their banking bubble. Kony works in just about every vertical there is in the market. There is a good chance you have a Kony built app on your device right now and you don’t know it. A seamless, intuitive experience on any device…Kony has successfully built this thousands of times across many industries.

Q: Where do you see digital banking taking us in the next five years? What should people be preparing for now that is yet to come?

A: Digital banking will become more indoctrinated into people’s day to day lives. People don’t need a bank to have a bunch of gimmicks to try to add to their customer base, but they need more financial tools than most banks currently equip them with. I believe that in the next 5 years digital banking will give the customer greater access to data analytics and better personal financial management. I also think that over the next 5 years more and more personal relationships with a bank will be formed via digital channels. Although I believe facetiming a banker is a silly gimmick that won’t last, the idea behind it, creating a personal relationship via digital channels, is a great starting point.

The Kony DBXpert Profile Series introduces you to our team and provides insight into how we think and work. See Sloane’s complete work history on LinkedIn by clicking here.

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