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Q: What’s special about the way you work with clients? What unique strength sets you apart and adds to the Kony DBX brand?

A: The customer service motto tends to be “the customer is always right;” however, what I’ve adopted as my personal mantra is “the customer’s needs should always be in sight.” No two clients are exactly alike and each of their experiences will differ, and so it is imperative to me that I empathize with their journey and align with their why. There is much more to being successful than producing an outcome, real success lies in the desire to continue the relationship after the goal has been met. I’ve shared space and time as both a client of digital banking conversions and as the software supplier. I understand the direct challenges that our clients might face and the need to be creative at times to find a solution for what seems to be unsolvable.

Stacey’s favorite quote:
Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Q: Talk about a highlight in your career or a project that was particularly successful. How do you bring that to bear on Kony DBX customers?

A: I started my digital banking journey as an employee of a financial institution that had a home-grown internet banking platform. Many regard technology as the ultimate equalizer and therefore a necessity for survival; however, there are still many challenges implementing new technology. We employed our own developers, so the shift was not only a functional change, but also a cultural change. Everything was new and required documentation to be produced, training to be conducted, and a complete mindset shift for all the employees. Over the years the financial institution acquired other banks and each scenario required a new way to think for converting users to the new internet banking platform. During this time, I acted as product owner, trainer, personal banker, call center manager, internet banking manager, and sponsor. This experience allows me to understand our clients and provide a deeper level of industry and domain expertise to truly be their trusted advisor.

 Q: Describe your career in a few short sentences.

A: My path has winded through some interesting trails and along the way I’ve picked up experience in healthcare, aviation, and financial industries. Regardless of the industry I find myself applying new theories and technology to solve existing and forthcoming issues. My love for client engagement coupled with providing an extraordinary level of service are what drive me every day.

 Q: What’s your advice to someone looking for a partner in their digital banking transformation? What core attributes should they seek – and what potholes should they avoid?

A: When choosing a new partner, the key word is transformation. The partner should enable the client to truly transform their current strategy and provide definitive executables to measure success. The partner should have market awareness, participate in heavy research and development, and be forward thinking, flexible, and transparent. The biggest pothole to avoid is partnering with a vendor that is not actively pursuing growth opportunities within their offering. The notion of standardization isn’t the issue, the issue is being overly standard to the point where no transformation can be accomplished.

Q: What makes Kony DBX different from Brand X?

A: There are a few notable differences. First, Kony DBX partners with our clients on both the engagement and the product functionality. Our clients have the option to work alongside Kony DBX and perform development within the application or defer to our expertise. Secondly, Kony DBX is consistently working on R&D to bring forth game changing technology and integration capabilities. Last of all, Kony DBX can leverage best practices in design and technology based on a pool of cross-industry settings. We have access beyond the financial industry and bring this inspiration to better serve our clients.

The Kony DBXpert Profile Series introduces you to our team and provides insight into how we think and work. See Stacey’s complete work history on LinkedIn by clicking here.

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