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Q: Describe your career in a few short sentences.

A: I’m a generalist, but all in the banking and financial services software space. I began my banking career in the late 80’s, when they would ask new hires to do a rotation around the bank to ensure they understood how the bank worked. What happened with that check you wrote, that fee you assessed, that address change you submitted. It was the best possible foundation for me in financial institution technology sales. The only thing I was really terrible at was collections. I couldn’t handle the sad stories – I’m way too softhearted for that job. Since then on the technology side, I’ve installed software, supported installations, sold various software applications and helped craft roadmaps for software delivery. I love working in the financial technology space, learning new things and staying relevant to the industry as it evolves.

Tammy’s favorite quote:
Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Q: Describe how work gets done at Kony—and why it matters to customers.

A: How we work is foundational here and absolutely one of my favorite parts of Kony. The commitment to see the financial institution through every phase of the process and leveraging our huge team of industry experts is like nothing I’ve seen.

We provide a financial institution with all the tools, strategies, insights and support needed to achieve digital transformation and nail their objectives. It’s exciting to watch the process, and it makes selling Kony DBX fun!

 Q: What’s your advice to someone looking for a partner in their digital banking transformation? What core attributes should they seek – and what potholes should they avoid?

A: Talk with references. Go on site visits. Download apps. Leverage industry reports to better understand what makes each brand stand out. Spend time with the team of people who will see you through the transformative process. If someone is invested in your success, they’ll spend time with you. That is foundational.

 Q: How do you work as an individual, and also as a member of a team? How does collaboration occur on a practical basis at Kony?

A: I’m definitely a self-starter and an early riser. I approach selling by thinking about how I would receive and digest information if I was in that financial institution making the decisions. The teamwork and leadership at Kony are fantastic. The tools we use internally to share information and the quality of that information is so fantastic! I feel like a kid in a candy store sometimes looking at our marketing materials.

Q: Where do you see digital banking taking us in the next five years? What should people be preparing for now that is yet to come?

A: Wearables. Cashless as well as cardless transactions. I think your phone is more critical than ever in being able to transact any sort of business and it will only gain traction in that space. As other apps continue to improve customer experiences with frictionless, intuitive apps, financial institutions will have to keep pace with that evolution as well.

The Kony DBXpert Profile Series introduces you to our team and provides insight into how we think and work. See Tammy’s complete work history on LinkedIn by clicking here.

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