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Launching a digital banking solution is a large task that requires a great deal of planning and detail. After your team has gathered all the requirements and decided on the appropriate strategy how do you ensure that your launch plan covers the needs of your users and frontline staff? The following five focus points help to manage expectations and ensure that the experience is a positive one.

  1. Planning (12 months prior)
    1. Work with lines of business teams to ensure their needs are met and discover any areas of concern or confusion. This will help you pinpoint any data cleanup or expanded training materials that need to be created.
    2. Work with the customer experience team to ensure NPS thresholds are set to the correct sample size at least 3 months prior to launch. This will help establish a baseline score prior to launch to compare against post-launch.
  2. Marketing (12 months prior)
    1. Divide campaigns into data clean up and awareness.
      1. For example, if you need to ensure that your customer data file isn’t missing mobile numbers or doesn’t have outdated email addresses, run a campaign that solicits updates. Clean up campaigns should be short and direct in messaging. Interstitials are great for this purpose.
      2. Awareness campaigns can also be instructional with screenshots of updated flows and messaging around the benefits.
    2. Develop a marketing plan that includes a multitude of communication mediums:
      1. Emails
      2. Interstitials
      3. Banner Ads
      4. Call Center Scripts
      5. IVR Scripts
      6. Web Micro Page or blog
      7. In-branch Plasma Screens or signage
      8. Press Releases at Key milestones (i.e. alpha or beta releases)
      9. Videos
  3. Training (3-6 months prior)
    1. Develop interactive training materials such as quiz-based evaluations and video walkthroughs.
    2. Conduct Lunch & Learns at Alpha & Beta Releases for your frontline users where they can see demos. This will drive project engagement and UI familiarity.
    3. Rollout Beta to Employees for Testing & Feedback. This will allow employees to get familiar with the new app and help discover any bugs that impact their specific product or business logic.
    4. Use Call Center Staff to Train Branch Staff and vice versa. For example, select training days where branch staff can beta test and run any questions or feedback back to the call center. This type of training is a good mock run at real questions based on actual usage.
    5. Train a group of super users to tackle questions and/or troubleshooting steps.
  4. Post-Launch Plan
    1. Create a centralized place to gather feedback and make sure that staff is familiar with the process for submitting feedback as well as clear points of contact.
    2. Communicate any open defects and resolution plans openly and explain work-arounds as well as resolution timelines.
  5. Innovation Path
    1. Gather feedback from internal staff based on customer interaction or personal use to drive future updates and prioritize for backlog.
    2. Consider a Run & Maintain Team and a New Feature/Innovation Team.
      1. One team dedicated to bugs or day to day updates is a good way to ensure any post launch blips are handled quickly.
      2. The new feature/innovation should be comprised of UX/UI and developers that can look at user feedback and determine any updates to flows or enhancements for future releases.
      3. Determine a release schedule that gives users that chance to get comfortable with the product. A constantly changing experience can make users uneasy and drive lower ratings.

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